10 pieces of treasure

Once I was invited to a small party of gift opening. The newlyweds had just come back from their honeymoon, tanned and well rested. There were boxes of various sizes waiting for them on the floor. Vicky and James didn’t want to wait long. What’s funny about the gift opening procedure is the people’s reaction. No matter how hard they are trying to hide disappointment, an artificial smile always betrays them. Anyway they have to exclaim ’Thanks, auntie Lucy for this wonderful set of towels!’. Oh, aunt Lucie, you’d better give them some cash. Of course, not all the presents were useless. I wouldn’t mind receiving one of the following myself:

  • A trip for two to Hawaii.
  • A billiard table.
  • A couple of expensive watches.
  • Swim membership for a year.
  • Tiffany earrings for Vicky and cuff links of the same jeweler house for James.
  • Tickets for Beyoncé tour.

Only 10 gifts remained unpacked. They were all delivered in the morning. Vicky opened them and we saw paintings of incredible beauty. Though I’m not an artist, even I understood that those were high-quality works. Two still lifes, four landscapes, three canvases depicting animals and one romantic picture of dearly beloved made everyone stare openmouthed. ‘Who is the author of these pieces of art?’ asked James. I took the certificate of authenticity and read, ’Leonid Afremov’. And I wrote the name down into my notebook in case if I’d need something worthy to refresh my walls.

In a few weeks we did serious renovations in our living room. And I already knew what to hang above the sofa! Together with my parents we ordered a delicate seascape on Leonid’s site afremov.com. It depicted a yacht at sunset. I clicked on a special option called ’View in room’ to see whether the image fits our place or not. When we got the painting, of course, it looked even better than online. Its vivid palette perfectly matched neutral colors of our interior. It’s good that it wasn’t framed because framing and other decorations distract a viewer from the canvas. Another pleasant bonus was free delivery. And the icing on the cake – we’d ordered stretching. My dad just hammered two nails into the wall and voilà, his work was done there!

Don’t hesitate to buy oil paintings by Leonid. Afremov art is no hype, it’s a 100% unique product that’s well-known all over the world!








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