Gymnastics with a camera

It’s not enough to be just creative for a professional photographer. You have to be strong, brave and crazy to some extent. If you don’t believe me, watch this video where wedding photographers are ready to do anything for a perfect shot What do you think about the man sitting in the puddle? Must be uncomfortable! And wet! Or there’s one more daredevil who climbs down the rock! God, it can be really dangerous! My fear of heights doesn’t even let me get up on the roof of a 5-storied building! According to another photo, this job often requires physical support from a friend. Briefly, someone has to hold your body while you’ll be contorting yourself in all sorts of ridiculous positions☺My favorite picture from the video represents a photographer who’s climbed a palm. Ha-ha, he definitely came from a monkey! I guess when photographers grow old, they’ll have a lot to talk about! How they hid under the bride’s dress to have a good shot of the couple. Or how they came home soaked to the skin because of the stormy sea. But despite inconveniences, a picture taker is a part of so many joyous occasions that sometimes I’m jealous of me!:-)


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